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Day forty of Running The Race As a Winner

Lloyd Olgive said in his book You are Loved and Forgiven that the Christian is the dwelling place of Christ. ” … the glorious riverbed of the flowing streams of the living Lord. The experience of the indwelling Christ has transformed both my personal life and my ministry. When I was gripped by this liberating experience it set me free from compulsive efforts to earn my status with God by being good enough. It replenished the parched places of my soul that kept my Christian life a constant dry spell. The indwelling ?Christ gave me all that I had previously worked to achieve, studied to understand, and struggled to accomplish,”

As a winner in the race you have that rest that God promised … the peace that passes all understanding You have been liberated from the struggles and labor of trying to get all the good things that God has promised to those who believe. You know that they are yours and you take them for yourself and use them daily.

As a winner you let the word that can discern the thoughts and intentions of the heart be your guide in all that you do so that you can think with the mind of Christ and react with his emotions. You will follow Jesus as a sheep follows his shepherd until you know his every move – his very thoughts.

Discernment has a price. You must eliminate distractions, practice daily, and train constantly. You will spend your time with your greatest love, and hunger and thirst after righteousness. Forgetting those things which are behind, you press on toward the high calling of God which is in Christ Jesus. The difference is worth the distance run. You will glue your eyes to the goal – Jesus – and run with endurance.

Prayer: Teach me your way, O Lord; I will walk in your truth; unite my heart to fear your name. I will praise you, O my god, with my whole heart, and I will glorify your name forever. For great is your mercy toward me, and you have delivered my soul from the depths of hell.

Love Like A Rock

In this sixth book of the Baker Family Saga it was 1865; the war was over and most of the family had returned home. Cousin Robert wouldn’t be going home because he was buried in a southern battle field. His brother Wayne was captured by Union soldiers and left in the woods when the Confederates rallied and the Union army ran for their lives, leaving their prisoners behind. Linda didn’t know where he was.

Linda had met Nat Thomas during the war. He was a Union Major who was a close family friend from Ferndale, Oregon. He fought opposite Phillip, who fought on the side of the South in the late war. He saved Phillip’s life and, in the process, caught a ball in his knee cap and was on crutches. Phillip was a Confederate Private who Linda met while she was working in one of the South’s hospitals.

When the war was over Linda, Phillip, and Major Thomas left together for the Willamette Valley on a stage coach. That ended when Nat’s injured knee got jammed up against the door and began to swell and throb with pain. When the three of them started for the west coast in a stage coach, the other passengers pressed against Nat’s leg and his knee was rammed against the door of the conveyance. His leg swelled up and forced them to abandon the stage. That left them with no choice but to buy a wagon and ox to finish their trip.

The man who told them where to get the wagon also reminded them that Linda and Phillip couldn’t go home in a private transport without an older woman for a chaperone unless they were married. When they explained that they were going to her home in the Willamette Valley to get her father’s permission to get married the man just shook his head and led them to his pastor.

Running The Race As A Winner – Day Eighteen

I Value my adoption – loving, honoring, and obeying my father;
And Yeshua my Savior, my Lord, and my Brother;
My Kinsman redeemer who cares for me.
I will demonstrate love to this Royal Family, to which by his grace I belong.
Father, humble me and make me your own true child.

We have been adopted by the Father and are of the seed of Abraham. We are children of the promise by faith. We are positionally a royal family member; therefore, we walk worthy of our calling with all discernment and gentleness; and with tolerance accepting one another in love.

Knowing Yeshua compels love; it is the result of knowing the One whose name is Love.

We love God with every emotion available to us, with every breath we take, with every thought; and we love him as mighty, as strong, and as intently as we are able to.

In loving Yeshua we love ourselves because he loves us; and we love others because he loves them – because we understand how precious and dear every individual is to our Father. This is the complement of love, that our self-interest grows to include God and others with an awareness of “being” in relation to the family of God. The total of our personality finds expression. We are integrated with the Love of God and that love finds its fulfillment in its expression to others.

As winners in the race we have a mindset toward comforting love, affection, and mercy in the Spirit; and we are aware of our place in the body along with the equal importance of every other member of the body. We regulate our actions for the good of the whole with the spirit of co-operation.

Prayer: Lord, you are Love. You are the love of my life. I commit my will to you and your love flows through me like rivers of living water. I have not always known how to love or why I should love. The world has a counterfeit love that I have often confused with real love. I will practice the love which my position in you makes me capable of and I will rely on your love to take over where my practice is faulty. Thank you, Love. And blessed be the name of the Lord God from this time forth and forevermore.

Running The Race As A Winner – Day Seventeen

Trusting in my father for the consequences
I will follow his leading
Not counting the cost
Allowing him to lead in all that I do
I live by faith.

In every circumstance of our lives, bad or good, we are more than conquerors through Yeshua through his love for us. We don’t know what the effects or costs of following Mashiach will be but we can trust him and know that, although sometimes it seems like this may have been a bad idea, it’s a good idea because he is in control; and is working everything together in our lives so we will be more like him. The prize at the end is worth it all and we have his power in the fallouts of running faithfully under his yoke.

We and our Father are committed to each other. We have chosen to join forces. Sometimes the fog rolls in and the darkness hides his face. We can’t see what he’s trying to do. We can’t hear his voice. The words in Scripture are just words. We try but the fog is obliterating everything. It seems he must have left us alone and forgotten us – but he couldn’t have left us because he said, “I will never leave you, nor forsake you.”  We don’t see, hear, or feel him but we know he is with us because he said he is, so we keep our eyes on the lookout for him, our ears open to hear him. The fog will lift and the Light will shine through the darkness. He is the light at the end of every tunnel. When he was in the world, he was the light of the world. Now his followers are the light of the world through the power of Rauch Ha Kodesh. As we wait for the fog to lift and the light to shine on the face of our Savior in the countenance of each other, we cling to the truth and keep running.

Prayer: Lord I believe. Help thou my unbelief.

Running The Race As A Winner – Day Sixteen

My constant concern must be
To deliberately perform well.
I must conduct myself in such a way
As to glorify my father.

Faith is a product of grace; the material and evidence of our unseen hopes created from promises God made to us. Mashiach/Christ is the one who our faith comes from and he is the only one who can strengthen and work it to perfection. We are his well-done, completed production; therefore, we function correctly.

In the beginning God created us faultless. However; through our disobedience since the beginning we are dead (separated from God) in our transgressions and failings. But God, rich in mercy, great in love; by grace made us alive in Christ, which united us again with our Creator.

We are his workmanship: the product of his effort. Created unto good works, we are not repaired with old parts, but given new parts that are working right and made into a good man in good working condition. God takes the dim eyes and gives them clear sight, the ears that are heavy and gives them hearing; the slow tongue, he gives words to utter.

When the gears get dirty, we wash them in the water of the Word and oil them with Rauch Ha Kodesh/the Holy Spirit. When they wind down, we plug them into the power source – The Light of the world.

Prayer: O Lord, from you comes every good and perfect gift. In you there is no shadow of turning. You are consistent in all your ways. You have brought me forth by the word of truth that I might be among the kind of first-fruits of your creatures. For this reason, Lord, you will direct me into and through the perfect law of liberty, so I am working well to demonstrate your attributes to the world.

Revelation Lesson Twenty-five


The Revelation Given to John by Jesus Through the Angel

Lesson Twenty-five

Revelation 13:11-18

[i]Another Beast – a man without a soul, with the nature of a beast – comes from the foul dirt of the earth. His very nature is that of the gutters, only fit for the trash heap. I believe the two horns like a lamb portray a meek and gentle appearance, and the speech that resembles a dragon is a symbol of fearful, threatening speech. He has no thoughts of his own, however. He simply preforms as he is controlled by the first Beast.

His magical signs are sleight of hand tricks, even the fire from heaven, but he dazzles a wide audience of people who have blinded their eyes to the truth by deciding to believe lies that are popular to the world.

He is even able to set up an image of the Beast

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Random thoughts and things

Two important things happened to my earthly father in the middle eighties. He was born on 1902 and was in the middle eighties of his life. The most important thing was when he made a public confession that there was a God, that Jesus was the Son of God, and that he needed the atoning sacrifice of Jesus. He was born of God and stepped from death into life. The second thing that happened to him was the result of stuffing benzoin up his nose, then putting it in the tobacco in the bowl of his pipe so he could get it through the smoke, and finally pouring it in his coffee. One day I went into the room where he always sat in a rocker and watched T.V. He was sitting in another chair with his head back and was unresponsive. I called an ambulance and when I was allowed I went into his hospital room to see him. I wrote the following “poem” about the experience.

In the Hospital
“Hey! Careful there; can’t you
See we are trying to make a movie.
Here, don’t get in the way of the cameras
Now, I know you have to take my temperature
Again. You don’t have to explain your moves
to me. Just walk over here closer to the bed
Side of the room a little more so you’ll be
Out of the way of these busy people. We’re making
A spy movie and I’m the star you know. It’s important
For you to understand.”

Home again, Home Again – whoopity-do!
“I can’t go in there. You go in there
And you’ll see the evidence is stacked up
Against them in a pile by the door
Way over there, you see. They’re trying to kill me
Now; I know too much – you’ll see it all in there
Its standing in there. I heard them talking and I knew
I’d never go back in there again. You’ll see how I’m
Only safe in here where they can’t get to me. I will
Stay in my chair where I’m safe.
You’ll see.

He stayed in that chair except to go to the chair across from him to relieve himself. It wasn’t until he had put himself in an unhealthy situation that the law allowed the authorities to put him back in the hospital and give him medicine to take the voices and pictures away.

My father’s faith was genuine but he had made choices in his early life that affected his last days. He lived with the destructive results of some of those bad choices but that is not the end of the story. The story ended when he was set free from those results and when home to be with the Savior that he so recently acknowledged.

We are broken human beings living in a damaged world where nothing is perfect, but we have a perfect God who conquered sin and death by his death, burial, and resurrection. Those of us who have some time left on this earth and have stepped from death into life are equipped to represent the love and mercy of our God to the world. He has told us what is good and what he requires of us. He expects us to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with him. As we walk with him our actions and emotions will be in agreement with him. Blessed be his holy name.