The Revelation Given To John By Jesus Through The Angel

The Revelation Given to John by Jesus Through the Angel

Lesson Ten

Revelation, chapter Four

Tangible Representation of Spiritual Implications

  1. A door is open in heaven[i]. There was a parting in the sky and the space between is a door where John witnesses these further revelations. “A door was open in heaven” symbolizes a greater spiritual understanding. God has opened a door here to a better understanding of the things the early Christians were going through and the knowledge that they had a great god with a great plan. They would have a lot of company, in the future, of other Christians who would be living in a corrupted world waiting patiently for its redemption. The purpose here is not to satisfy idle curiosity, but rather to establish the faith and animate the hope of believers.
  2. A voice like a trumpet[ii] denotes power and majesty.
  3. The voice says, “Come up here. I will show you things which must come after this.” This is the summons of the Holy Spirit of God where, when John was in the spirit, he receives even higher insight into spiritual things. Looking at the revelation through the perspective of the twenty-first century, we can see that some of these prophesies have been fulfilled and some have probably not. From the perspective of the way Yeshua admonishes us to see the future; we must approach these revelations from the spiritual interpretation. We will assume that the book is a pictorial account of events which started with the writing of the book. This breakdown is not exhausted, but demonstrated further by the events of time. As we contemplate in awe the working of God and the way these prophesies are worked out in Scripture, we can only rejoice in the Lord and praise his precious holy name.
  4. John was “in the spirit.” He didn’t feel any of the physical discomfort and pain that was an intricate part of being in exile on a prison island. He was completely immersed in and controlled by the Spirit of God. He sat with Mashiach in heavenly places and was seeing through the eyes of God.
  5. We see a throne in heaven and its occupant. The throne of god symbolizes his majesty. The one seated on the throne is not seen in anthropomorphic[iii] terms. God wants us to see him in terms of light.
  6. God’s glory is represented by the jasper (jasper is opaque green now, but in the ancient world it was a precious stone of translucent rock crystal – some references say it was purple, the color of royalty), and sardius (blood red carnelian) stones. These may be symbols of our god’s purity, mercy, justice, and judgment. These two stones were the first and last gems in the high priest’s breast plate, and the first and sixth in the foundation of the heavenly Jerusalem.  The rainbow, emerald green for life (or the color of earth) is a reminder of Yahweh’s mercy and promise, a fit sign of comfort for the church going through these trails[iv].
  7. Twenty-four seats with twenty-four elders are present. Twelve tribes plus the twelve apostles equal twenty-four representatives of Yahweh’s kingdom. These are the saved of every kindred, tongue, and nation. They are alive in Mashiach, wearing the crown promised in in revelation 2;10 – an incorruptible crown of righteousness and glory.
  8. They wear white clothes, representing the righteousness of Mashiach worn by the believer[v].
  9. They are adorned with gold crowns, concentrated and holy unto the Lord[vi].
  10. Gold represents purity or the morning. Morning signifies hope for the future[vii].
  11. Out of the throne: a. lightening, b. thundering, and c. voices. A lightning bolt and the resulting thunder clap are the result of an explosive release of electrical energy. Lightening is a reaction that neutralizes the positive charge from above and the negative charge from below. When the air heats around a lightning bolt, the force and power are present in the thunder. The lightning and thunder here are symbols of Yahweh’s majesty and power and, a reminder that he is the source of life. There is power in life, and thunder and lightning are the kissable representations of that power. The voices remind us that the word of Yahweh is pure, eternal, alive, and powerful.
  12. Seen lamps of fire burn before the throne – the seven-fold spirit of Yahweh.
  13. Before the throne is a sea of glass like crystal, representing dazzling purity and immense distance. Crystal is the result of the ordered arrangement of the atomic structure of minerals. They have three-dimensional shapes. I always thought the sea of glass was diamond, which would have an isometric system. Isometric systems have three equal axis at right angles to each other.                                                                                                              This sea would be a symbol of the Trinity: father, Son, and Holy Spirit equal in every way, one god with three personalities. The “sea of glass” symbolizes perfect serenity.
  14. In the midst and around the throne are four beasts: 1. the first is like a lion, a symbol of the lion of the tribe of Judah – as Matthew represents Mashiach 2. The second is like a calf, a young son born to service – as Mark represents Mashiach 3. The third has the face of a man, as Luke represents Mashiach as the Son of man 4. And the fourth is like a flying eagle as Yahweh is pictured in Exodus 19:4. The book of John represents Mashiach as the Son of Yahweh[viii] – Yahweh made manifest in the flesh. Each beast has six wings and is full of eyes[ix]. They worship 24/7 and say, “Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come.

While the beasts give honor, glory, and thanks to the Eternal God, the twenty-four elders fall down and worship, casting their crowns before the throne and saying, “You are worthy O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power – because you created everything and it was for your pleasure.” How precious to know that we are Yahweh’s pleasure.

Everyone in heaven is making a joyful noise unto the Lord. Yahweh’s holiness is an inspiration for the praises of the redeemed. The work of his hands in creation fills the redeemed with delight. He did all by his own divine will and pleasure.

What if everyone on earth made a joyful noise unto Yahweh, in spite of the fact that we feel sad, weak, sick, and angry, or just plain yucky? It would be like singing with a mighty choir. There have been times when I didn’t have the strength to open my mouth to sing myself, but if I concentrated, I could hear the heavenly choir and rejoice with then.

Prayer: What a blessing it is to give you thanks for all your marvelous ways, Lord God Almighty. You have privileged me with the ability to demonstrate your loving kindness in the morning and your faithfulness every night. You have made me glad through your work, it fills me with joy to contemplate your great productions, great Yahweh, and your deep thoughts. Because I am planted in your house, I flourish. You have been my dwelling place forever; you are from everlasting to everlasting. Thank you, Most Holy Lord.



[i] Revelation 4:1

[ii] Revelation 1:15; 4:1

[iii] Attributing human characteristics to our god, who is a spirit – the great I AM

[iv] John 16:33

[v] Revelation 3:5, 18

[vi] I Corinthians 9:25

[vii] Isaiah 9:2; Psalm 30:5

[viii] Our god’s name is Yahweh, or I AM which have the same meaning

[ix] Mashiach in us


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